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Working with Sellers, Day 2

DAY 2 Tuesday’s Objective: Understanding the purpose of the listing presentation. The key to a successful presentation is to understand that the Seller is only concerned with the following 5 questions: How are you going to get us the most money for our home? How much time is it going to take? Have you done it […]

Working with Sellers, Day 3

DAY 3 Wednesday’s Objective: Completing and Customizing Your Listing Presentation. It’s now time to customize your listing presentation! You have free access to Silvercreek’s customizable listing presentation, login to the Silvercreek Toolbox and click on Documents. Scroll to the ‘Prospecting & Marketing’ section and check out the listing presentation. It’s important to add or delete info and […]

Working with Buyers, Day 1

Weekly Objective: Become an expert Buyer’s Consultant! Are you a Consultant or a Salesperson? Watch: What is the Difference between Consultative Selling and Normal Selling? Action Item: Take notes as you watch this video and be able to explain to a prospect in 30 seconds how your role as a consultant differs from that of […]

Working with Sellers, Day 5

DAY 5 Friday’s Objective: Nuts and bolts of putting the home on the market. There’s a lot of little steps to putting a home on the market. We’ve developed a checklist for you to follow to make sure you don’t miss anything. Follow this checklist every time you list a new home, happy selling! Action Item: […]

Working With Buyers, Day 5

DAY 5 Friday’s Objective: Learn to effectively show properties At this point your clients have narrowed their search down to less than 6 properties. Prior lessons have explained how buying a home is a process of elimination, not selection. Make sure you emphasize the importance of eliminating homes with the drive by technique.  Once you’re ready […]

Social Media, Day 2

DAY 2: Tuesday’s Objective: Creating a cohesive online presence. If someone feels like they know you, they will find you more trustworthy AND more memorable. When developing your online profiles, include a couple details that make you more personable – “In my spare time, I love to go fly fishing with my son” or “I graduated from BSU […]

Social Media, Day 3

DAY 3: Wednesday’s Objective: Creating a landing page and discussing websites. Our motto at Silvercreek is to lead with revenue and be mindful of your bottom line, especially during the early stages of your career. Stick to free and low cost options for your marketing.  Do you need a website? Most top producers have websites and there are many great […]

Social Media, Day 4

DAY 4 Thursday’s Objective: Social Media Tips Use the 80/20 rule when posting on social media. 80% of what you post should be items of value – lifestyle, customer interests, upcoming local events, etc. 20% can be business plugs – all your listings, value proposition, etc. Interact with your sphere on their pages and posts – […]

Social Media, Day 5

DAY 5 Friday’s Objective: Automating the Process Automate the process. You are busy. You are managing your own business, meeting clients, showing homes, hosting open houses, prospecting & connecting with your sphere. Save some time with your social media posting. There are platforms that allow you to upload your posts to all of your social […]