Working with Sellers, Day 5


Friday’s Objective: Nuts and bolts of putting the home on the market.

There’s a lot of little steps to putting a home on the market. We’ve developed a checklist for you to follow to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Follow this checklist every time you list a new home, happy selling!

Action Item:


Bonus Tip: In addition to the items on the checklist, I always recommend that my clients put together a PROPERTY INFORMATION BINDER that can be left out for buyers to look at during showings.  Be sure to include a cover page describing what makes the house special, pictures and survey maps or aerial photos, additional building plans, past utility bills, receipts or owner’s manuals for major appliances, information on major improvements or remodels, notes about trees/gardens/landscaping, HOA and CCR information if applicable, any easements affecting the property, and any other unique maintenance advice and tips.  This binder keeps buyers in the home longer to discuss what they like, shows that you have really cared for the property, and gives them every possible answer to the property and neighborhood detail questions (things you may take for granted living there every day) before anything can turn into an unknown concern or objection.


  • Seller Checklists can be found at any time in the Toolbox under “Documents” – ‘Working with Sellers’ and also in the New Agent Ebook under Checklists.