Open Houses, Day 1

Weekly Objective: To successfully complete your first open house this weekend! This week’s plan will be as follows:

Monday: Selecting the property

Tuesday: Researching the area and property

Wednesday: Driving traffic to your open house

Thursday: Converting visitors

Friday: Final Prep for the Open House



Choosing the right property is key to having a successful open house. Here are some keys to consider.

  1. It helps to be strategic in the property you choose. Pick a home near a major street in a densely populated area. Stay away from rural areas where traffic is minimal.
  2. Find a home with a large buyer base. Check your MLS to find the average sales price of a house in your area.
  3. Find a home with good curb appeal.
  4. Identify a home with great listing pictures. This will come into play later in the week as you begin to advertise this property on social media and in your email blasts. Having a property that really pops visually will help you drive traffic.
  5. Select a home in an area that you know.
  6. Select a new listing. New listings are exciting and will likely get more traffic than a house that has been on the market for a while.

Action Items:

Identify prospective open house options. A couple ways to do this:

  1. Go to the Closed Facebook Group: Silvercreek Agent Forum and post that you are interested in sitting an open house this weekend.
  2. Search the MLS for active Silvercreek listing and strategically identify properties that fit the criteria listed above. Then call the listing agent to see if that agent is willing to let you host an open house.

Below is a video that summaries some of the key points in today’s lesson: