Social Media, Day 2

DAY 2:

Tuesday’s Objective: Creating a cohesive online presence.

If someone feels like they know you, they will find you more trustworthy AND more memorable. When developing your online profiles, include a couple details that make you more personable – “In my spare time, I love to go fly fishing with my son” or “I graduated from BSU with a business degree – Go Broncos!”. Plus, include a professional photo, it allows customers to add a face to the name.

When creating an online presence, make sure it is consistent. Have the same value proposition, about you section, and photo for all your real estate related sites. Develop your value proposition and ‘about’ statement first, then use them when creating your online agent profiles.


Action Items:

  1. Create your ‘about’ statement
  2. Set up your agent profile:
  3. When creating your profiles, add links to your social media accounts (if you have the option – some profiles will, some won’t.)
  4. Add your ‘about’ statement to the “Story” section of your Facebook business profile. How to find this: Find your ABOUT tab (on a computer), it’s on the left side, under your profile picture and page name. Click on “ABOUT”, then “Edit Page Info” and fill in the “Description”. Once you fill it out, it will be added to your page and labeled as your “Story”.