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Open Houses, Day 5

DAY 5 Friday’s Objective: Ensure that you are prepared to host your first Open House and know how to properly follow up with leads! Conducting a successful open house is all about the details. The experience you offer visitors during the open house is an audition of your skills and professionalism. Please be mindful of […]

Networking, Day 5

DAY 5: Friday Objective: Learn how to have a successful client appreciation party If you’re in the real estate industry, and you’re not doing client appreciation parties, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to generate repeat and referral business and to connect with your clients. You’re going to want to do at least 2, ideally […]

Business Plan, Day 3

DAY 3 Wednesday Objective:  Priorities! What are 3 Main Priorities or Area of Focus that you think will help you reach your goal? Here is a list of ideas…. Lead generate everyday Organizing and marketing to your sphere of influence Growing your database Become a better net-worker in social settings Maximize your efforts on Social […]

Scripts, Day 1

“Feeling guilty about not prospecting takes more energy than the actual prospecting” This Week’s Plan: Monday:   Introduction; Scripts to Dialogues Calling Makes a Difference; Tips on working with Buyers and Prospecting Tuesday:   Six Steps to Effective Prospecting Wednesday:   Everything You Need to Know for Effective Roll Playing Thursday:   Leading Questions & Qualifying Questions; Test Closings […]

FSBO, Day 1

This week’s plan: Monday:   What is FSBO?  Why FSBO? Tuesday:   What are they thinking, get into their mindset. Where and how you find FSBOs Wednesday:   The Dos and the Don’ts Thursday:   Marketing Action Plans: Value – Customer Service – Net More Friday:   Scripts and Getting the Appointment   DAY 1 Monday Objective: What is FSBO? […]

Networking, Day 1

Weekly Objective: Embrace the idea that in order to be successful in real estate you must be constantly networking! Unlike traditional 9 to 5 jobs it is important to realize that some of your best income opportunities will be derived from the social situations you are actively engaged in such as kids sporting events, community […]

Networking, Day 3

DAY 3: Wednesday Objective: Explore joining a networking group. The real question about joining a networking group is what is the return on investment of your time? In order to have a networking group pay off you need to establish yourself as the ‘go-to’ real estate expert. If participating in a networking group is interesting […]

Business Plan, Day 1

Weekly Objective: This week our goal is to develop your business plan! “Remember the realization of your plan is worth more than any single transaction. Don’t let your business interfere with your plan, trust the plan and the process.” -Tom Ferry This week’s plan: Monday:  Develop a Vision Statement for your Business & Understanding the One […]

Business Plan, Day 2

DAY 2 Tuesday Objective:  What is your Financial Goal? You probably have an idea on how much money you would like to make in real estate but do you know how to break down the numbers to determine what it will take to achieve your goal? Let’s say you would like to make $40K your […]

Business Plan, Day 4

DAY 4 Thursday Objective:  Applying Specific Strategies for each Priority Now that you have identified your Top 3 priorities for the Year, it’s time to implement 5 strategies per priority that will help you reach your goal.   Example Priority: Maximize your efforts on Social Media. What are 5 strategies for this priority that you can […]