Open Houses, Day 3


Wednesday Daily Objective: Learn how to effectively drive traffic to your Open House!

Watch the first 9.5 min of this video today and the rest tomorrow:

Having a successful open house is all about promotion! Your primary objective it to let as many people know as possible about your real estate activities, especially as a new agent.

Action Items:

  1. Video: Make a short informal video of you in front of the house inviting people to your amazing open house!

Once the video is complete, email it to everyone in your database. Will they come? Probably not but you are messaging to them that you are active in the business and doing a great job for sellers. Over time they will see you as the real estate expert and call you for their real estate needs. Consistency is the key to this strategy!

  1. Do a Facebook boost or Ad targeting potential buyers for the property. Run the campaign 3 days prior. Spend $30 on this marketing.
  2. Take the open house flyer you have created with listreports and personally knock 30 homes. 10 to the left, 10 to the right and 10 across the street.
  3. Put out as many signs as possible! Get as many signs as possible and get your name out there!
  4. Promote online, Zillow, MLS, Silvercreek Website etc.
  5. Put an open house sign in the front yard that says the day and time of the open house.