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New Construction, Day 1

Let’s chat the ins and outs of new construction. Here’s this week’s plan: Monday:   Guide to New Construction, Part 1 Tuesday:   Guide to New Construction, Part 2 Wednesday:   New Construction Hurdles Thursday:   Learning About the 3 Types of Builders Friday:   Tours   DAY 1 MONDAY’S OBJECTIVE:  Guide to New Construction (part 1) It’s no secret that […]

Resources, Day 4

DAY 4 THURSDAY’S OBJECTIVE:  The MARKETING and SOCIAL Tabs The next tabs we’ll cover are MARKETING and SOCIAL. As we discussed on Tuesday, Marketing related documents are found under the documents tab, this includes templates and sample presentations, scripts, listing presentation docs, letterhead, etc. The Marketing tab focuses more on services and products. The Social […]

New Construction, Day 4

DAY 4 THURSDAY’S OBJECTIVE:  The 3 Types of Builders: Tract, Spec and Custom There are three business models that most residential home builders choose from: tract, spec and custom. Each of these models offer different benefits and drawbacks for new construction home-buyers to consider. I’ve classified the builders in the Valley as either tract, spec or custom, […]

Resources, Day 1

Are you using the resources Silvercreek offers? This week we dive into navigating the Toolbox and how you can get the most use out of it!  This Week’s Plan: Monday:   Navigating the Toolbox & Other Resources Tuesday:   Resources Tab Wednesday:   Your Account Tab Thursday:   Marketing and Social Tabs Friday:   Other Tabs ​ DAY 1 MONDAY’S […]

Resources, Day 3

DAY 3 WEDNESDAY’S OBJECTIVE:  The “YOUR ACCOUNT” Tab Your Account is a very important tab for many money related reasons. What will you find under the YOUR ACCOUNT tab? (if you don’t feel like reading, there’s a video overview linked below!): PROFIT SHARING:  Did you know you can earn $100 every time a different agent at Silvercreek closes a full […]

Resources, Day 5

DAY 5 FRIDAY’S OBJECTIVE: Remaining Tabs Today we’ll cover the remaining tabs on the Toolbox: EDUCATION TAB: New Agent Training Program: For newly-licensed agents. The CE Shop: Do you need CE Credits? We have a partnership with the CE Shop so we can get you discounts (20-40% off) on their courses. Use promo codes to receive the discount. The […]

Resources, Day 2

DAY 2 TUESDAY’S OBJECTIVE:  The Resources Tab The RESOURCES tab is chock full of a ton of useful information and documents. It’s home to the calendar and Silvercreek TV tabs as well. More information about what you’ll find is below (there’s also a video linked about key points and items in the Resources tab below): DOCUMENTS:  Up-to-date Earnest […]

Scripts, Day 5

DAY 5 Friday Objective: ​​​The Structure of a Call; Hotline Scripts; Handle Objections   THE STRUCTURE OF A CALL LOCATION – PRICE – MOTIVATION – WORKING WITH ANOTHER AGENT – MORTGAGE ​LOCATION – WHERE DO THEY WANT TO LIVE? The home you called on is located in the _____ area, is that the area you are […]

New Construction, Day 2

DAY 2 TUESDAY’S OBJECTIVE:  Guide to New Construction (part 2) According to economic data from the U.S. Census Bureau, builders are now producing approximately 1.18 million homes per year nationally. Given the proliferation of new construction, new agents entering the business will be wise to quickly familiarize themselves with new homes   Selling new-construction is a […]