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Open Houses, Day 3

DAY 3 Wednesday Daily Objective: Learn how to effectively drive traffic to your Open House! Watch the first 9.5 min of this video today and the rest tomorrow: Having a successful open house is all about promotion! Your primary objective it to let as many people know as possible about your real estate activities, especially […]

Open Houses, Day 4

DAY 4 Thursday’s Objective: How to have successful conversations during the open house! Watch from 9 min to completion: 5 Questions to Memorize!! How long have you been searching for a home? What websites have you been visiting? Have you found your ideal house? I see a lot of homes before they hit the market […]

CRM, Day 5

DAY 5: Friday’s Objective: Email your letter to your database and continue to familiarize yourself with BoomTown!. Your database is your business lifeline. BoomTown! and CRMs are tools for you to manage your database and effectively market to it – never stop feeding your database because you don’t want to starve your business. Today’s action […]

5-5-5-5, Day 1

Weekly Objective: To successfully construct your Daily/Weekly Prospecting Schedule. This week’s plan is to construct a daily/weekly schedule to contact your current Buyers, Sellers, Prospects, Business Associates, Friends, or Sphere of Influence on a daily basis to stay top of mind. Watch: Become Prospecting Ninja Does the very thought of real estate prospecting make you […]

5-5-5-5, Day 5

DAY 5 Friday’s Objective:  Putting it All Together Too many salespeople make prospecting too complicated.  That is the difference.  They schedule time to do it.  They have a system that they execute. It works.  It sets them apart. Each day this week you were given one specific task to complete, now we are pulling all […]

CMA, Day 1

Weekly Objective: To learn basics of generating a CMA. This week’s schedule is as follows: Monday: Understanding what a CMA is Tuesday: Educating yourself about the subject property and the area around it Wednesday: Using the MLS to do a CMA Thursday: Making Adjustments Friday: Presentation Tools for CMAs   DAY 1 Monday’s Objective: Understanding […]

CMA, Day 2

DAY 2 Tuesday’s Objective: Educating yourself about the subject property and the area around it. There are 5 main resources to research when learning about a property in order to determine its value. Internet RPR MarketSoldier.com Zillow Tax Assessor   Internet: An Internet Search is as easy as typing www.google.com and doing a Google search on […]

CMA, Day 3

DAY 3 Wednesday’s Objective: Using the MLS to do a CMA MLS – The best tool: Regardless of where you sell real estate, your Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the ultimate tool to assist a Realtor in creating a professional CMA. MLS usually will have much more data than public tax records and Zillow because you […]

CMA, Day 4

DAY 4 Thursday’s Objective: Making Adjustments Adjusting Value for Property Differences: When comparing similar properties, there are always differences. Be sure to adjust your subject property’s value estimate for its differences from the comparable properties Add or subtract value for difference in lot or acreage size. Do the same for feature differences, such as bedrooms, […]

Industry Partners, Day 4

DAY 4 Thursday’s Objective: Learn more about your marketing options. You’ll use print materials as a Realtor® – open house or listing flyers, business cards, postcards or other mailers, etc. Silvercreek® Realty Group has partnered with a few companies to help agents with their marketing needs. Also reach out to lenders as some are willing […]