CRM, Day 4


Thursday’s Objective: Write your introduction letter and familiarize yourself with your CRM system.

Now that we have BoomTown! set up, it’s time to learn to use it! You can send emails, texts, and drip campaigns and collaborate on customer searches out of BoomTown!. Check out the tutorial videos to learn how to use the system.

Here’s a tip: Personalize the letter. Talk about why you decided to become a real estate agent, discuss past business/previous career successes, write about your personality and work ethic and what makes you a great agent. Everyone you’re emailing this letter to knows you on some level or another, so make sure to add some of YOU into the letter.

Action Items:

  1. Add a signature
  2. Click here to retrieve Silvercreek’s introduction letters:
  3. Customize the letter, add or delete what you want
  4. Draft your email in BoomTown!, send to yourself
  5. After you receive the email, read thoroughly, then revamp and revise (as necessary)
  6. Once you are satisfied, click ‘Done’