Networking, Day 2

DAY 2:

Tuesday Objective: Meet Someone New!

For me, one of the things that seems to work well is handing out my card to everyone I meet. I have handed out cards in every situation, at church, at the bank, at the gas station, in the grocery store, in other words literally everywhere. If you are shy and/or afraid to approach people you have to force yourself to get over it. I tend to say hello to a lot of people and if I say hi and they engage me in conversation I just say ‘let me give you my card’, if they say they already have a house I tell them to consider buying investment property or pass it on to somebody else.  I have had people call and say ‘you probably don’t remember me, we met at the gas station and you gave me your card, I need to sell my house’ and I have sold their house or helped them buy a house, as the case may be, and most of the times both. Try to set a goal to meet 5-10 people a week.

Here’s a Tip: Wear your Name Tag! Don’t be a secret agent! Not every agent is fond of name tags, however. Consumers seem to perceive people with name tags as more approachable than others, proponents of name tags say. And if a name tag identifies someone as a real estate agent, consumers who are curious about the market or considering buying or selling a home may be tempted to strike up a conversation. People always ask me, ‘How’s the real estate market?’ or ‘So, you’re in real estate’ then I take it from there.


Action Items:

  1. Study 17 Ways to Network Away:
  2. Go to and check out their Chamber Events. These are great opportunities to expand your sphere and make important connections in the valley.