FSBO, Day 5


Friday Objective: Dialog, Call and get the appointment

The approach to calling on FSBOs in this training will be to add value and follow up with a call. As you start the marketing plan you will be using some form of these scripts to progress the seller into a listing appointment. However, more success will come from a relationship building strategy.

When a FSBO starts for some reason or another they don’t use a Realtor. So, they decide to put their home on the market themselves, figuring it’s easy to sell a house and they will save a ton of money on Realtor fees. They list their home on Zillow, take some pictures, maybe have a couple showings. Realtors with buyers aren’t showing the home because there is no commission or they don’t know about it. Instead of saving money on fees, they likely are now staying in their home longer than they had wanted.

It will take a while, could be a matter of weeks, or months. You can use that time to build the foundation of your relationship by being helpful. When the time comes that they decide to hire an agent, chances are it will be you.

I recently heard about Mel Robbins. She wrote “The 5 Second Rule” that helps you get over all your fears. Let’s say you are sitting at your desk, ready to call the three FSBOs that you dropped off gift bags to.

Instead of focusing on your fears, you start counting backwards from 5 and when you get to zero, you pick up the phone and dial that first prospect. Once the first one is out of the way, the next ones will be easier.

You may also find that it helps if you stop focusing on what you can get out of it and focus on what you can do to help them. Find out what hurdles they have dealt with and see if you can remedy it for them- without concern for what you will get in return.

After you drop off your gift bag and start your follow up calls you will want to see if you can start to gather some information. This is also your chance to start building rapport, so prepare a list of questions to ask them, such as:

  • Have you been getting any more interest in the home?
  • Why do you think it’s taking longer to sell?
  • What’s the most important thing to you, timing or price?
  • Have you talked to any other real estate professionals and what has been their advice?
  • Have you considered what you’ll do if it doesn’t sell? If it doesn’t sell, will you take it off the market and stay in the home?
  • Have you thought about working with a real estate agent?

Action Items:

  1. Search out and start reading several sales books
    • Fanatical Prospecting
    • Spin Selling
    • Never Split the Difference
    • A Guide to Cold Calling
  2. Practice your dialogs with a dialog partner (a fellow agent, family or friend).