Business Plan, Day 3


Wednesday Objective:  Priorities!

What are 3 Main Priorities or Area of Focus that you think will help you reach your goal?

Here is a list of ideas….

  • Lead generate everyday
  • Organizing and marketing to your sphere of influence
  • Growing your database
  • Become a better net-worker in social settings
  • Maximize your efforts on Social Media
  • Master Time Management
  • Refine your Listing Presentation
  • Learn to Master the Art of the Open House

Too many new agents try to focus on too many areas of improvement and end up frustrated with the process, and with no clear priorities.

Ponder on how you see yourself doing business:

  • Have you lived in the valley for years and are fortunate to have a large sphere of influence? If so this would be a great priority.
  • Are you new to Idaho? Do you need to work on networking and adding people to your database?
  • Is technology a passion for you? Mastering social media could be great emphasis.

Action Item:

  • Outline and write down your TOP 3 Priorities (Key Focus Areas) for this year on your one page business plan..