Resources, Day 1

Are you using the resources Silvercreek offers? This week we dive into navigating the Toolbox and how you can get the most use out of it! 

This Week’s Plan:

Monday:   Navigating the Toolbox & Other Resources

Tuesday:   Resources Tab

Wednesday:   Your Account Tab

Thursday:   Marketing and Social Tabs

Friday:   Other Tabs


MONDAY’S OBJECTIVE:  Navigating the Toolbox and Other Resources

Have you been utilizing to its full potential?  It’s chock full of resources!

First off, learn how the layout works, with this quick overview. (It can also be found on the home page):

As you work in the Toolbox more, you’ll quickly learn what your favorite links are, so you can add them to the quick menu.  We suggest adding the Calendar tab to it, so you can easily access all our upcoming events and classes.


What are some of the other offers open to you as a Silvercreek agent?

Click here to see our Corporate Discounts.


Action Item: