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Weekly Objective: Identify your preferred vendors and establish relationships with your industry partners. Monday: Title & Escrow Tuesday: Lender Wednesday: Home Inspector Thursday: Marketing Friday: Other Industry Affiliates   This week, your focus is on compiling a preferred venders list. These are industry affiliates that you will work with often and develop a relationship with. […]


Weekly Objective: Become a Listing Expert! Winning the listing is all about developing Trust and Rapport between you and the Seller! Watch: Best Methods to Build Rapport   Monday: How to Conduct an Initial Phone Call from a Prospective Seller Tuesday: Putting Together your Listing Presentation Wednesday: Practice your Listing Presentation Thursday: How to Prep […]


Weekly Objective: To learn basics of generating a CMA. This week’s schedule is as follows: Monday: Understanding what a CMA is Tuesday: Educating yourself about the subject property and the area around it Wednesday: Using the MLS to do a CMA Thursday: Making Adjustments Friday: Presentation Tools for CMAs   DAY 1 Monday’s Objective: Understanding […]


Weekly Objective: To successfully construct your Daily/Weekly Prospecting Schedule. This week’s plan is to construct a daily/weekly schedule to contact your current Buyers, Sellers, Prospects, Business Associates, Friends, or Sphere of Influence on a daily basis to stay top of mind. Watch: Become Prospecting Ninja Does the very thought of real estate prospecting make you […]


Weekly Objective: Become an expert Buyer’s Consultant! Are you a Consultant or a Salesperson? Watch: What is the Difference between Consultative Selling and Normal Selling? Action Item: Take notes as you watch this video and be able to explain to a prospect in 30 seconds how your role as a consultant differs from that of […]


Weekly Objective: Maximizing your online reach for minimal cost. Monday: Setting Up Social Media Accounts Tuesday: Creating a Cohesive Online Presence Wednesday: Landing Page & Let’s Chat Websites Thursday: Social Media Tips Friday: Social Media Scheduling   Online, Mobile, and Social Media… Like it or not, it’s a necessary part of business nowadays. Millennials comprise the largest segment of […]


Weekly Objective: To compile your database and get you familiarized with using a CRM system. Monday: Database Compiling Tuesday: Database Compiling & Categorizing Wednesday: Claim your BoomTown! account + CRM & uploading your database Thursday: Preparing your Real Estate Introduction Letter Friday: Emailing your letter and exploring BoomTown! DAY 1 Monday’s Objective: Understand the power of […]


Weekly Objective: Embrace the idea that in order to be successful in real estate you must be constantly networking! Unlike traditional 9 to 5 jobs it is important to realize that some of your best income opportunities will be derived from the social situations you are actively engaged in such as kids sporting events, community […]


Weekly Objective: To successfully complete your first open house this weekend! This week’s plan will be as follows: Monday: Selecting the property Tuesday: Researching the area and property Wednesday: Driving traffic to you open house Thursday: Converting visitors Friday: Final Prep for the Open House DAY 1 Monday’s Objective: SELECTING THE PROPERTY Choosing the right […]

Exporting Connections from LinkedIn

You can export a CSV file of your connections from the Contact Settings page on the LinkedIn desktop site. Note: Only the contact’s full name, email address, current employer, and position are exported. To export LinkedIn connections: 1. Click the My Network icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. 2. Click Your connections on the […]