Weekly Objective: Maximizing your online reach for minimal cost.

Monday: Setting Up Social Media Accounts

Tuesday: Creating a Cohesive Online Presence

Wednesday: Landing Page & Let’s Chat Websites

Thursday: Social Media Tips

Friday: Social Media Scheduling


Online, Mobile, and Social Media… Like it or not, it’s a necessary part of business nowadays. Millennials comprise the largest segment of home buyers, and it’s no secret that they spend a bulk of their time online and on their phones. Other generations have also bought into using mobile/online for home searches:

  • 95% of buyers use the web in their home buying process.
  • Almost 60% of buyers search online/via mobile prior to contacting a real estate agent.
  • Last year, 14% of buyers found their agent using mobile apps, and 58% found their home using apps.

Whether you want to work with buyers or sellers, it’s important to have an online presence. A strong online presence:

  • helps buyers find you
  • adds to your value proposition when working with sellers, since strong online presence = their home reaches more potential buyers.


DAY 1:

Monday’s Objective: Setting up your social media accounts.

Why spend time on social media?

  • Crazy brand exposure
  • Earn client trust
  • Build a peer network
  • Unforgettable customer service
  • Establish your expertise

On social media, you should focus on building relationships and gaining fans. See it as a “you’ve got a friend in me” opportunity. Home buyers/sellers want to feel like they can trust their agent and social media can help you build that trust. Today, we’re going to focus more on setting up your social profiles and later this week we will dive into what to post and how to build engagement.


Facebook is the most widely used social media platform with over 203 million users in the US alone.

Why create a business Facebook page and not use your personal page?

  • It adds separation to your personal and professional life – plus it adds to your professionalism and credibility
  • Insights – you can see your post reach (how many people see it) and the demographics of those people
  • The ability to boost posts and create ads (higher reach)
  • Customize your tabs (later in your career, you can add a listings tab that connects to your IDX, embed components of a website, etc)

Setting up your Facebook business page:

Include your full brokerage in your business page name (ex. Aaron Doughty at Silvercreek Realty Group). This keeps you in compliance with IREC.

  • Include your contact information
  • Add a professional-looking headshot as your profile picture
  • Add it as your workplace on your personal profile. Under “Work” you can tag your professional page under “Company”.
  • Write a concise statement in the Facebook “About” section (ex. Aaron Doughty is the Owner and an Associate Managing Broker of Silvercreek Realty Group.)
  • Add content to it. You don’t want to invite people to like an empty page. Add a few posts to it first. An easy way to start out is to go to the Content Corner of Boi Realtors and Empower the R by Idaho Realtors
  • Invite all your Facebook friends to like the page



If you already have a Twitter account, you can simply add something like “REALTOR for Silvercreek Realty Group” into your blurb.

If you do not have a Twitter account, set one up. Make sure to include your brokerage name somewhere on your profile (most agents add it in their blurb or as their header photo.)

  • Follow influencers and others in the industry or related industries.
  • Follow local companies or businesses that you like.
  • Follow local news organizations.
  • Find and follow people in your sphere.



LinkedIn is all about professional networking. It’s career-focused, and articles/items shared come from a career-learning standpoint, business-oriented standpoint.

If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, it is a bit of a process to fully get it up-to-snuff. You’ll include detailed education information, past work history, current work, your skills and company interests, etc.

If you do have LinkedIn – update it to let your sphere know about your new real estate career! (Be sure to include “Silvercreek Realty Group” to be in compliance with IREC.)

Add connections – community and business partners, fellow Silvercreek agents, other local agents, everyone else in your sphere.



  1. Create a Facebook business page (mandatory)
  2. Create/Update your Twitter account
  3. Create/update your LinkedIn




DAY 2:

Tuesday’s Objective: Creating a cohesive online presence.

If someone feels like they know you, they will find you more trustworthy AND more memorable. When developing your online profiles, include a couple details that make you more personable – “In my spare time, I love to go fly fishing with my son” or “I graduated from BSU with a business degree – Go Broncos!”. Plus, include a professional photo, it allows customers to add a face to the name.

When creating an online presence, make sure it is consistent. Have the same value proposition, about you section, and photo for all your real estate related sites. Develop your value proposition and ‘about’ statement first, then use them when creating your online agent profiles.



  1. Create your ‘about’ statement
  2. Set up your agent profile:
  3. When creating your profiles, add links to your social media accounts (if you have the option – some profiles will, some won’t.)
  4. Add your ‘about’ statement to the “Story” section of your Facebook business profile. How to find this: Find your ABOUT tab (on a computer), it’s on the left side, under your profile picture and page name. Click on “ABOUT”, then “Edit Page Info” and fill in the “Description”. Once you fill it out, it will be added to your page and labeled as your “Story”.



DAY 3:

Wednesday’s Objective: Creating a landing page and discussing websites.

Our motto at Silvercreek is to lead with revenue and be mindful of your bottom line, especially during the early stages of your career. Stick to free and low cost options for your marketing. 

Do you need a website? Most top producers have websites and there are many great real estate website platforms that you can explore once your career is off the ground. However, it’s not something you necessarily need right now. Once you’ve established a rythym in your business and have all the basics perfected, you can look into website options (should you choose).

Instead, focus your efforts on social media and create a free lead generating landing page to generate leads/contact info. Link it to our Treasure Valley Relocation Guide. Post the link to it on social media and link to it all your real estate profiles (including your Google business profile)! This is EASY and it helps you provide value to potential customers while obtaining their contact info.



  1. Create a free landing page and link it to our Treasure Valley Relocation Guide. (This is an easy way to lead generate.).
  2. Share your link on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google business page, LinkedIn, Zillow, Trulia, etc.**If most of your friends/followers are local, when posting on social media write a status like “Play tourist this weekend and remind yourself of everything the Treasure Valley has to offer with my Free Treasure Valley Relocation Guide. Check it out!
  3. Are you keeping up with your 5-5-5-5 from week 2? Remember to keep prospecting to your sphere! Click here for the blog from Week 2.




Thursday’s Objective: Social Media Tips

  • Use the 80/20 rule when posting on social media.
    • 80% of what you post should be items of value – lifestyle, customer interests, upcoming local events, etc.
    • 20% can be business plugs – all your listings, value proposition, etc.
  • Interact with your sphere on their pages and posts – wish a happy birthday, like and comment on posts. Engage on their level – commenting on their posts allows you to connect with them about things important to them.
  • Use images and videos! This has proven to have significantly higher reach and engagement rates.
  • Read the resources linked below. They have the keys to successful posting.
  • KEEP UP YOUR 5-5-5. Social media needs to be used for both public posting and reaching out to your sphere on an individual basis.

Did you know… Food, home, and lifestyle topics account for 85% of most shared content. Post what your followers want to receive. Recipes, DIY ideas, organizational tips, easy home improvement tasks… Focus on building relationships, not selling your services.



  1. ​Browse the resources below for social media tips.
  2. Develop a social media schedule/cheat sheet to plan your weekly posts. Here’s an example…
    • Monday: Something fun/funny to start the week off with a laugh
    • Tuesday:Market update/home selling or buying tips/community update
    • Wednesday: Business plug/open house/listing/etc.
    • Thursday: Upcoming/weekend events in your community
    • Friday: DIY home/food/lifestyle
  3. Check out the BRR Content Corner and Empower the R by Idaho Realtors. 





Friday’s Objective: Automating the Process

Automate the process. You’re busy. You’re managing your own business, meeting clients, showing homes, hosting open houses, prospecting & connecting with your sphere. Save some time with your social media posting.

There are platforms that allow you to upload your posts to all of your social media accounts and schedule them for the future. Spend a couple hours one day and set up all your posts for a week or two at a time. Hello timesaver! Then spend your time selling, prospecting, and interacting on a personal level.

PS… As a final note, remember that referrals are the best way to gain new clients. And testimonials are one of the best ways to establish reliability with potential customers. Ask your clients to write you a review on Facebook, Zillow, or Google. It gives your clients a chance to actively think about how much they enjoyed working with you, and once they’re thinking about it, they’ll be more likely to relay it to their friends.



  1. Read these Social Media Automation & Productivity Hacks. There are several automation tools listed. Most have a lite version that can be used for free.
  2. Choose an automation platform from the article and try it. 
  3. Pick a day that you’ll carve out a couple hours to sit down, do this weekly and plan/automate your posts for the following week/two weeks.
  4. Make it a habit. Regular posting on social media will keep you top-of-mind with your sphere and great posting will gain you extra followers/increase your sphere.






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