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AVOID FINES: Stay in compliance with IREC, our full legal name is: Silvercreek Realty Group


A local, family-owned brokerage, founded in Meridian in 2008. We are the #1 brokerage in Idaho and ranked in the top 100 nationally. Our brokerage operates with an “Agent-First” mentality. At Silvercreek Realty Group, YOU, the agent is our customer – meaning we provide classes, tools, support, and fair fees to aid in your success.


“Develop Idaho’s leading realty group using technology, support, training and value to our customer, the Silvercreek agent. Ensure the consistent application of these principles for the long term financial growth of our agents, and the sustained viability of our organization.”


Integrity in every decision • Experience through collective resources • Commitment to our customers


Silvercreek Realty Group is looking for REALTORS® who will uphold our core values and the excellence standard that our current agents and staff put forth. We ask our newly licensed agents to fully dive into our training program, educational opportunities, and resources to become high-level representatives of the real estate industry.

We have an Agent Orientation class once a month for agents new to Silvercreek.

Schedule: 2nd Friday of every month, 2pm-4pm

Hosted By: Kelsey Wartman, Business Development

What does it cover? Plugging into Silvercreek Workflow – A HOW-TO ON ALL OUR SYSTEMS

Watch Anywhere, Anytime: Watch the orientation class online anytime. It is in the “Videos” tab

In alignment with IREC law, company policy is that all agents are required to transmit/submit all transaction documents no later than end of the next business day. When a signature is placed on the document, upload to

**All paperwork is submitted online at

Login: first initial + full last name (ex. adoughty) OR for common names: full first + last name (ex. aarondoughty)

Password: last 6 digits of SSN


Upload all paperwork immediately to the office in the following manner:

  • Buyer File: Use the Buyer Docs (Pre-Offer) option under New Buyer for turning in any buyer documents prior to an offer being written. Once an offer has been written, regardless of acceptance, you can add the purchase and sale agreement and any disclosures.
  • Listing File: Once you take a listing, regardless of whether or not you have an offer.
  • Go to net and click the type of file, new buyer or new listing, to be created.
    • Fill out as much information as you have on the “Property Contract Submission” page and submit.
    • Upload all documents to the Property Information Page in the Documents section. You can return to this page at any time to update documents or property information.
  • Scan all the paperwork into a PDF format only – NO Faxes, NO JPGs
    • A Buyer Offer should contain the following:
      • Buyer Rep (if applicable)
      • Due Diligence Disclosure
      • Blue Brochure
      • When an offer is written, add:
      • Purchase and Sale Agreement
      • Addenda/Counters/Exhibits
      • Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure (if applicable)
      • Copy of EM
      • Signed Receipt of EM showing the date of delivery
    • A Listing should contain the following:
      • Submit all listing paperwork when taking a listing (including seller rep, due diligence, seller-signed property disclosure.)
      • When an offer is received, add:
        • Purchase and Sale Agreement
        • Addenda/Counters/Exhibits


  • Do not turn in any hard copies of paperwork
  • Only turn in paperwork once (no need to email docs, only upload to the website)
  • You must separate your docs and upload them to the appropriate box in the “Property Documents” section. We cannot accept all docs as one package.
  • If a document needs a correction, resubmit the entire document, not just the page with the correction.

**Please see video library at for detailed video training of**

A real estate referral fee is a portion of a real estate commission that is paid to a real estate broker in exchange for referring a client. These fees are negotiable and are typically a percentage of the gross commission for a single side of a transaction. Best practice is to secure this referral fee arrangement in writing, mostly because Idaho Code 54-2054(8) states that after the fact referral fees are prohibited (one can’t solicit or request a referral fee afterwards). Oftentimes fee arrangements happen after the referral is made and that is acceptable as long as it’s memorialized in writing. A fee isn’t required to be paid if the agreement isn’t in writing, signed by both brokers.  Get those referral agreements in writing AND signed by all parties.  If you need Silvercreek W9 form, please obtain it under Documents in the Toolbox.  Need a broker signature? Send the referral agreement to through an electronic signing platform (Authentisign or FormSimplicity) for Krista’s signature and see below on how to set up the file in
Referral file set-up instructions
If you are PAYING a referral to someone, upload the fully signed referral agreement in your transaction file in and make a note in the ‘Commission Special Instructions’ to see referral agreement. This will be processed as a normal transaction once it closes.


If you are RECEIVING a referral from another brokerage set up a referral file with these instructions in
  • Create a property by choosing either ‘New Buyer’ or ‘New Listing’.  Both work the same, don’t overthink it.
  • Transaction Type: choose ‘REFERRAL OR RENTAL’.
  • Fill out Agent Information
  • Property Address: in the ‘Number’ field enter ‘RFL – customer last name‘.  It would look like this: RFL – Smith.  You probably won’t know of the specific address, no need to fill out those fields.  Leave the state as ID, it’s a system default and has no bearing on the file.
  • Other Brokerage: in the ‘Other Brokerage Name’ field add the brokerage name, city, and state    EX: Keller Williams – Jacksonville, FL
  • NOTE: Accounting will process the payment upon receipt.  10% transaction fee applies, not to exceed $450.


  • First month’s office fee and E&O (if applicable) will be prorated from the date you join
  • If you are returning to Silvercreek after less than 1 year inactive, there will be a $100 reactivation charge.
  • If you are a corporation or LLC please complete a W9 and email to Joyce
  • Billing inquiries: Joyce Doughty | (208) 377-0422 x3015 |
  • Your fees will be billed monthly via auto pay


  • $50 monthly office fee
  • E&O Insurance – $235 billed annually in October
  • Color copies $0.25 per page.
  • You receive 200 black & white copies per month FREE (No Rollover). Additional copies over 200 are $0.07 a page.
  • Keys/fobs – $10 deposit each – See front desk at Meridian office.
  • Signs, cards, etc

You have 4 options to pay your monthly/yearly fees:

  1. Auto-pay via credit/debit card.
  2. Drop off or mail a check to Silvercreek by the 15th of each month.
  3. You can deduct from your commission checks if you have regular closings.
  4. Cash.

PAYMENT SETUP (#1 – Auto pay via CC)

  • Your fees will be billed monthly via auto pay – You can add / update your card by logging into the Silvercreek Toolbox and clicking “Setup/Update Autopay” under the “Your Account” header.
  • Auto pay applicable to:
    • $50 monthly office fee
    • E&O Insurance – $235 billed annually in October
    • Color copies ($0.25) and extra prints
    • Keys/fobs – $10 deposit each – See Meridian front desk
    • Signs
  • Please note: Your bill is emailed to you monthly prior to your CC being charged.


  • Review all commissions & expenses, Review 1099:  – “Back Office” – “Agent Tax Report”
  • Update your contact info to ensure accurate 1099: UPDATE INFO
  • Tax/REO Info:
    • Silvercreek Realty Group LLC:  LC37844
      NAID#: SLVRCR3010
      EIN#:  263743010
      Broker:  Krista Lynn Deacon DB32944,  exp 9/30/2017

Aaron Doughty | Owner/Broker | (208) 440-5511 |

Krista Deacon | Designated Broker | (208) 860-1650 | /

Kim Sitton | Managing Associate Broker | (208) 797-3189 | /

Amy McKinnon | Agent Development Director | (208) 230-2214 |

Kelsey Wartman | Business Development | (208) 515-6400 | 

Kristin Cole | Business Development | (208) 371-8848 |

Angel Florczyk | Silvercreek Agent Liaison | (208) 866-5422 |

George Pafundi | CIO/ Systems Engineer (Tech Support) | (208) 841-1561 |

Rayce Peterson | Systems Administrator (Tech Support) | (208) 319-8801 |

Daniel Cortez | IT Systems Technician (Tech Support) | (208) 377-0422 ext 3045 |

Liz Comer | Marketing Director | (208) 316-4855 |

Alaine Blaser | Office/Trust Account Manager | (208) 377-0422 ext. 4040 |

Mindy Plum | Front Desk | (208) 377-0422 ext 3001 |

Cindy Watson | Auditor | (208) 377-0422 ext 3014 |

Jennifer Warren | Auditor | (208) 377-0422 ext 3055 |

Bette Huber | Commissions / Accounting | (208) 377-0422 ext 4037 | /

Joyce Doughty | Commissions / Accounting | (208) 377-0422 ext 3002 | /

Reana Gardner | Accounting Assistant | (208) 377-0422 ext 3015 | /

IMLS (208) 976-4657 | Lockboxes, MLS Dues, Instanet (FORMS), Cloud CMA, CLASSES!

IREC (208) 334-3285 | Inactive/Active, License Renewal, Licensure, Education

IR (Mary) | (208) 342-3585 | Forms

BRR | (208) 376-0363 | Ethics, Education, Committees, Forms

GPAR | (208) 237-2600

SRMLS/GIFAR | (208) 523-1477

NAOR | (208) 467-9534

Live Training:

We have fantastic training you can take advantage of! Our calendar has the full schedule of:

  • Free and low-cost CE classes
  • Business Development classes
  • Workshops
  • Bi-Monthly Sales Meetings
  • Socials & Fun Events

CLICK HERE FOR CALENDAR (access anytime- click on the “Calendar” tab)

Watch Remotely:

All our free Meridian Office Training is available to watch remotely on

**Must be present in-person to receive CE credit**

Online Training:

We have a partnership with The CE Shop:

Check our Calendar tab for discount codes (we will always have a discount code you can use for 20-40% off online classes).

Our 100 Day ACTION Plan is an email training program is a back-to-basics, business building, create don’t wait for business program that we have developed for our agents.

Each week covers a different topic and we break that topic down into daily training and action item pieces. It is a focused approach that builds on itself and focusses on helping you gain more business and effectively manage it.

If you would like to be enrolled, please email:

FREE BoomTown Agent Website + CRM for all IMLS, SRMLS, GPAR, and MCAR REALTOR ® members

Visit the “BoomTown” tab from the HOME Page of Toolbox to claim your FREE website and CRM

BoomTown Features Included for FREE


Your website is your first name, last name (no space) “”.


Need a new professional headshot? Click the link to pick your time:


We have floor time at our Meridian office for agents to utilize for lead generation. You reserve in 2 hour blocks and can use floor time up to twice per week.The earliest you can reserve time is 1 month in advance. MUST READ the “Floor Time Policies” doc below prior to utilizing floor time.

There is a computer and plenty of desk space at the floor time cubicle. Your priority is answering calls, but in between you can do your other work. Either use our computer or bring your own laptop.

You can schedule using the “Room Scheduling” button on the homepage of the Toolbox and selecting “Meridian – Floor Time Room 1”



On the Home Page you will find the the “Silvercreek Exclusives” Button. This will take you to the Silvercreek Exclusives website where you can browser or add your own office exclusive listings. You can also post any rentals you may have on this site.

Silvercreek is always looking to grow with the very best agents.

Who do you know that we need to know?

Take advantage of our profit sharing program and earn passive income! You can earn up to $2,000 per agent per year. There’s no cap on how many agents you can refer, however, we do have some guidelines to help the process.

Click here to participate!



Silvercreek Agent Services ( offers:

  • Seller Rep Packages for Listing Agents
    • Compliance for Commission
    • MLS Entry/Maintenance & Marketing
    • Property Promotion
    • Flyers
    • Photo flip tours
    • Listing Launch
    • Contract to Close
  • Buyer Rep Packages for Selling Agents
    • Contract to Close
  • Real Estate Business Packets
    • Assistant Services
    • Database Design
    • Newsletter
    • Campaign Creation
    • Postcard Production
    • Client Appreciation/Housewarming/Team Parties
    • Email Blasts
    • Transaction Review


This is a great service for doing listing presentations, CMAs, flyers, and more!

Cost: $8/month (ONLY charged for the months you use it. You will NOT be charged on months you don’t use it). You will be charged on your monthly Silvercreek office bill.

If you would like an account, contact Angel Florczyk: . She will set up the account for you.

**If you had this service with your former brokerage, they need to cancel your membership before we can add you.**

username: your email address

password: “password” (the word “password” without the quotes)


Silvercreek® signs are available for purchase at our Meridian front desk Monday through Friday.

Panel Only $20

Panel w/ Frame $35

Lowen Sign Co


Show your clients you care! There is a new postcard designed each month. Every month the postcard is partnered with a different Treasure Valley company (coupons, BOGO, discounts, etc). You can pick and choose when to use this service – use it once, quarterly, monthly, etc.

Cost: $0.90 per postcard OR partner with a lender and only pay $0.45/postcard each!

You will need to copy your database into THIS EXCEL SHEET FORMAT for mailing purposes. You can then upload it online to your account.

Create an account online:   **note: the new postcard design is displayed early in the month, once it is sent out the product category becomes empty – therefore, in the latter half of each month it shows “no products available”. Don’t fret, there will be another postcard available the following month!


Please direct questions to:

Pat Quinn

(208) 870-5975

200 N. Camelot Drive

Boise, ID 83704


There are a few options if you would like to use the Silvercreek Realty Group business card design.

The newest Silvercreek design is here:

The older designs are available through Bear Printing. To access, go to and login. After logging in, click on the tab “Cards & Flyers“. It will bring you to your personal Bear Printing site. Then click on “Company Products”.


  1. Personalized web page on the main Silvercreek website: Our pages are always a top hit if someone searches your name – take advantage of this free exposure! You can include your bio, contact info, photo, a link to your own business website (if you have one).  Set it up here:
  2. Tour RE Websites: This local company offers Silvercreek agents a special rate of $30/month (normally $50/month) plus a $50 one-time setup fee for a website which includes the IDX feed and hosting for your own business website. Hinsel is the go to guy if you are interested in learning more or setting one up:  |  (208) 955-0550
  3. Point 2 Websites: Has 3 support level options. Choose the basic IDX website, or get a full CRM, lead management, and marketing system. It’s up to you! Learn more here:
  4. Placester Websites: Also offers multiple support levels. You can choose a website, CRM, marketing, and lead management package, or you can get a IDX website only. For full CRM options, go to: For an IDX website only ($5/month) go to:


You need to have an account setup at IREC.IDAHO.GOV in order to renew (click “Register” under “Login” if you haven’t setup an account).

IREC always sends a blue letter to your address on file to remind you of your renewal. They tell you how many credits you have taken and what you still need.

We scan that letter and email it to you.

We send you two reminder emails and a text in your birth month.

You can renew up to 90 days prior to your license expiration date.

All CE requirements must be met before renewing.


You need two Core Classes from two different years; A Post License Fundamental Class; & A Post License Elective Class (there are 3 elective topics to choose from)


You need two Core Classes from two different years and twelve electives of your choosing.

Once your classes are complete you must login to the IREC website and renew by paying $160 and verifying your education no later than 5:00 pm MST on the last business day of your birth month.

If your license expires you must stop practicing all real estate activities and marketing and all of your business transfers to the broker until you renew.

If your license expires you pay a $25 late civil penalty fine when you renew.

After you expire you have one year to renew before your license terminates and you have to retake pre-license.

To update any of your contact information, log into the site

Once logged in, look at the upper right of the page and you will see the “UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION” link.


  • Per the Market Pro Independent Contractor Agreement, 10% of all commission/fees received will be collected, fee not to exceed $450
  • $120 annual membership fee
  • Maintain individual E&O policy, and license per IREC requirements
  • Association and MLS dues are not required
  • Submit COMPLETE Market Pro Referral Agreement Form with all relevant signatures to

Click here to download the Market Pro Referral Agreement

Phase I

1. Join the following:

  • Your Local Realtors Association
    • They will assist you with joining your designated state and national memberships

2. Join the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

  • They will setup your lockbox key and the associated billing
  • Schedule the following MLS applicable classes:
    • Orientation
    • Listing Input & Maintenance
    • Paragon Basic
    • Paragon Advanced
    • Instanet or Forms Simplicity (on line training is also available- preferred vendor is Instanet)

3. Review all the dropdown’s and the information contained in each, with special attention to:

  • Agent Orientation (Dropdown #4)

4. Explore.  All the above-mentioned entities have their own websites.  Take time to explore all the features each has to offer!  Statistics, training calendars, relevant real estate articles, etc.  This is your local resource for information to excel in the knowledge base of your business

Phase II

1. Schedule a 15 minute welcome call with Amy McKinnon at the link provided below: