INSTRUCTOR: Alicia Reinhard CLASS OVERVIEW: Trust is at the heart of the real estate business. In this digital economy, trust has taken on new dimensions that impact how real estate professionals collect, share and, most importantly, protect the information they use in their businesses. The REALTOR® code of Ethics and Standards of Practice explicitly acknowledge […]

Join us as we hear Chris Findlay speak on: 1. How to evaluate development land and bare ground. 2. Understand current development cost and time frames 3. Knowing your  Municipality and County that you’re taking your plat through. 4. Development is not easy and understanding the pitfalls.  

Buckle your seatbelt and come ready to review the many nuances of the RE21 that can cause hiccups in a transaction. The time is NOW to learn ways to help you prevent issues while protecting consumers as well as yourself. Krista’s ask: a day or two before the class, please read (I mean read, not […]