BUSINESS PLANNING Live in the Meridian Classroom or Live Stream at 10am-11am MST De “We are only as good as the plans we have made and the action we take to complete our plan.” In this interactive workshop, you will learn the key components of a business plan: Executive Summary, Mission/Vision/Values, Short & Long Term […]

NON-QM MADE EASY Live in the Meridian Classroom This loan can be used for a purchase or refinance. You will learn options that show how a customer can purchase or refinance a primary residence, 2nd home or investment property. This loan can be perfect for those borrowers whose income may be non-traditional or hard to […]

ASSUMABLE MORTGAGES: SMART STRATEGIES TO HELP MORE BUYERS & SELLERS Live in the Meridian Classroom In this class you will learn what an assumption is, which types of mortgage loans are assumable, the assumption process timeline and fees, buyer requirements, special consideration on VA loans, difference between simple and formal assumptions, and tips to protect […]

AGENT ORIENTATION Live in the Meridian classroom or live stream at Are you new to Silvercreek? Please join us for agent orientation to learn: Our policies and procedures (office access, printing, agent billing, office locations, transaction requirements, earnest money, etc.) How to navigate the toolbox to access tools to support your business success SC […]

FORMS…WHAT’S NEW? Live in the Meridian classroom Come learn about the current form changes that were made by Idaho REALTORS. This up to 2 CE class will go over any changes and include discussion in practical application of your day-to-day use in real estate transactions. Stay current on tools of your trade! Teacher: Krista Deacon […]

CANVA + SILVERCREEK MARKETING TOOLS Live in the Meridian Classroom or live stream at 10am-11am MST Canva has become a foundational tool in the real estate industry. It can help you create digital marketing materials and save time + money in the process. Attend this class to learn about the Silvercreek tools that utilize […]

SALES MEETING: HOUSING CHALLENGES & SOLUTIONS FOR SENIORS Live in the Meridian classroom or live stream at 10am-11:15am MST Seniors face unique challenges in the housing industry and having the skills and resources to best serve them will make you a better REALTOR® and industry leader. Hear from Donna Rogers has worked with this […]