Scripts, Day 2


Tuesday Objective:  Six Steps to Effective Prospecting

Imagine a prospecting system that can generate 50-1500 prospects per month. Impossible, you say? Your current prospecting program generates only a fraction of that number of appointments, and you’ve used everything. By implementing lead generation systems and utilizing technology you will have the ability to generate more leads and perform lead follow-up daily. Database marketing combined with the latest technology can create a solution for your business to increase productivity up to 300%. When the system is designed to build relationships and supported with technology, it will create the results you want. Using the latest technology for lead generation combined with lead management systems and a well-targeted niche-marketing plan, you will be able to reach that goal in far less time than you ever imagined possible.

Step 1. Setting goals and defining your market. First define your goals. Then ask yourself, “Who are my customers?” or “What niche-markets do I want to reach?” If your goals are to increase your business, empower your employees, build lasting relationships with your clients and find new ways to support those relationships with technology; your goals are high, but attainable.

Step 2. Building your Database. The next step is building a database of the people you want to contact. A good place to start is with your past customers. Then look to various niche-markets, such as re-fi’s, new purchases, b-paper, doctors and CPAs. Select the niches you want to contact, and then do a little research. Where can you obtain databases for those niches? Gather your information and design a complete prospecting solution using your Scripts To Dialogues and your Lead Management System as your primary tools.

Step 3. The initial contact. Design your marketing program to contact potential clients several times a year. The content of the message should be different each time, highlighting current low interest rates, special debt consolidation packages, or whatever you want to promote at that time.

Step 4. Effectively handling inbound prospecting. The fourth step is effective handling of the inquiries you have generated. This is a crucial step. These inbound calls must be directed to highly trained people. Because of the quality and continuity of their training, they will have a high success rate for converting inquiries into appointments for the sales staff.

Step 5. Empower your prospecting staff. The key here is teamwork and training on a daily or weekly basis. The training program must teach self-esteem, negotiation skills, listening skills and teamwork. Each of your prospectors should be paid a fair wage and bonuses! Remember, you get what you pay for! We believe that when you empower your staff, they will effectively communicate your vision. They spend much more of their time in positive, productive conversations; establishing appointments that they know will lead to new business.

Step 6. Prospecting for the 21st century. Take your prospecting program into the 21st century by combining it with the powerful potential of your web site. Set up your prospecting message to invite potential clients to visit your web site to learn more about how your products and services can work for them. Once they have visited your site, you can again employ technology to capture their email address and add them to your database for future outbound email broadcasting.

These six easy steps will guarantee that your potential clients will hear your message. Once you start, you’ll see how easy it is to dramatically increase your business volume and increase your profits.