Business Plan, Day 5


Friday Objective:  Scheduling Your Best Day Ever

What gets scheduled gets DONE!

Too many times we Realtors we let URGENT outweigh the IMPORTANT. Nothing is more important that the 3 priorities you set.
When your day isn’t designed there is way too much DRAMA!

If it’s not on your schedule it doesn’t exist or happen. Your calendar should be sacred. DO NOT PUT it on the calendar if you aren’t going to do it. Make that commitment TODAY! Each time you fail to honor a commitment on your schedule, you greatly reduce the ability to achieve your goals!!!

If we do the right thing in the mornings the afternoon and the evenings should be ideal. Remember your will-power is strongest in the morning. Do the difficult task of prospecting first thing. As you do this, your mornings will propel you into huge successes in the afternoon and evenings.

Imagine if you had the perfect day 220 times a year! What would your business look like? Success in real estate is a series of small daily wins accumulated over a long period of time.


Action Items:

Food for thought: You’ve outlined your Top 3 priorities for the Year with 5 strategies to keep you focused. When are you going to implement these?

During my most successful years in real estate I had a 1 hour planning meeting each week where I outlined my major objectives for the week and assessed my overall progress as it related to my goals. Then on a daily basis before going home I would take 15 to 20 minutes to outline and schedule the next day’s events. Sticking to this routine enabled me to stick to a steady pace and brought peace of mind to 100% commission based job.
There is truly financial safety and freedom to following a plan!