Working with Home Inspectors | Stan Audette | 2 CE | Meridian Classroom

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Live in the Meridian Classroom

This 2-hour class helps agents work more effectively with a broad spectrum of home inspectors to elevate client experiences. Agents will hopefully walk away with new perspectives and skills that will enable them to work more comfortably, efficiently, and profitably with home inspectors to
serve their clients at an even higher level.

Instructor: Stan Audette

Hours: 2CE

Provider: AAD Inspection Corp

Cost: FREE


Stan began working with his grandfather at age 14 remodeling and building homes, which is where he gained his love for the building trades. During several years in his youth, he played sax professionally in a rock-n-roll band; yet he still keeps a sax, clarinet, flute, harmonicas, and guitar continually set up in his office for relaxation. He graduated from the University of Idaho with a BSEE degree after attending the first two years of college at BJC (BSU’s predecessor). Through college, he worked as an engineer’s aid, survey crew chief, and draftsman, designing, surveying, and inspecting roads, highways, public water and sewer systems, and subdivisions. After college, he became a certified nuclear reactor operator and control systems engineer. He also owned a cabinetmaking shop on the side (because his grandfather was a cabinetmaker). He then worked for Idaho Power Company for 13 years, computerizing their hydro plants, specifying and purchasing major power equipment, and designing both overhead and underground power distribution systems. But, since 1994, he and his wife, Shanna, have owned and managed AAD Inspection Corp, helping tens of thousands of homebuyers towards their dreams while simultaneously acting as a renovation loan consultant on more than 450 projects.


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