Sales Meeting | Social Media Content Strategy: What Should I Post? | Carrie Holmes | Meridian Classroom & Live Stream

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10:00am-11:15am MST

Wonder what to share on your social media and what types of posts to use? Carrie Holmes will walk us though her content strategy and give you ideas on what to post and where.


Oh hey! My name is Carrie Holmes and I am a social media manager and strategist dedicated to leveraging the power of social media for the success of your business.

Cool story – but does that even mean?

Ok, so when some friends recommend brunch, happy hour, or a #tacotuesday meet up I immediately go to my #1 place to do some research – Social Media. Any social platform shows two things; what does a business want their customers perception of them to be (what they post) and what is the actual opinion of the business (what others post). It is the SAME for our real estate and mortgage businesses – people are starving for education and a voice they can trust with the largest purchase of their life. Gain their trust first and you gain a client for life.

While my passion for mortgages spanned two decades, I discovered another calling in recent years. I’m your go-to friend when it comes to social media, and I find immense joy in helping others unlock the potential of these platforms for their businesses.

I’m a firm believer in the power of creativity and problem-solving. It’s not just a skill set; it’s a way of life for me. My friends often describe me as their biggest cheerleader, and I can’t wait to bring that same enthusiasm to your social media journey. So, when you’re ready to boost your online presence and harness the full potential of social media, Approved By Carrie is here to support you every step of the way. Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together!


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