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This event finished on 21 December 2021

Meridian Classroom & Live Streamed | Sales Meeting | 60 Days to Double Your Pay | Eric Leigh | FREE


60 Days to Double Your Pay

There will certainly be cycles in the real estate market, but I believe that surviving those cycles will ultimately come from one thing:

Consistent, intentional, and FOCUSED daily Lead Generation.

This is what Lead Generation Boot Camp is all about: Teaching you how to build the habit of successful Lead Generation in 2 short months.

My goal is to help you double or even triple your leads and your income over a 60 day period. Increasing the number of your incoming leads by focusing on organic Lead Generation is the best tool we have to dramatically improve our business, our income, and maybe even our lives. You’re about to embark on a 60 day challenge that has the potential to transform your business, and possibly your life.

Unfortunately, it’s very likely you will fail. Studies show that greater than 80% of Americans do not stick to a budget for more than a month. 92% of Americans abandon their New Year’s resolution by the year end with 50% quitting in the first month. That means that without some help or accountability, 4 out of 5 people who start Lead Generation Boot Camp will not finish the 60 day challenge. I want YOU to be one of the few who makes it to the end, takes the action steps required to Lead Generate, and makes a real change in your business.

If you’re in sales, you’ve seen these numbers before and they are worth committing to memory. They should also be a motivating factor and part of the reason why YOU commit to this process of Lead Generation for the next 60 days:

— 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact
— 3% of sales are made on the 2nd contact
— 5% of sales are made on the 3rd contact
— 10% of sales are made on the 4th contact
— 80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact


— 48% of sales professionals give up after the first contact
— 25% of sales professionals give up after the second contact
— 17% of sales professionals give up after the third and fourth contact

This means that 90% of salespeople give up before they get to the meat and potatoes of deal-making opportunities.

Imagine how much more successful you would be if you toughed it out and committed to being part of the 10% who didn’t give up. What if you pushed through your fear and procrastination to ensure you were the 1 out of 10 people who actually made that 5th, 6th, and 7th call required to close the deal?

This is what Lead Generation Boot Camp is all about: Getting you into a healthy, daily Lead Generation habit that will allow you to become one of the committed 10% who sticks with it, grows your pipeline, and dramatically changes your business and your life. I’ll guide you along a strategic path that will give you the best chance of getting into a Lead Generation rhythm.

Lead Generation Boot Camp begins on Monday, March 15th. Here are five CRITICAL ACTION ITEMS (sounds more exciting than saying homework) that you should complete ASAP to get ready for the start of Boot Camp in March:

1) Go on Facebook and request to be added to the Pinnacle Coaching public page ( and the Lead Generate public page (

2) Download the Audible app on your phone and buy a book on Audible that you can listen to over the duration of Boot Camp. I want you to simultaneously be working on your commitment to the “system” and “habit” of Lead Generation (that’s what Boot Camp is for!) while learning something new pertaining to sales, conversion, or relationship building techniques you will need once you are committed to Lead Generation activity. I can recommend PLENTY of books if you need one; just reach out to me directly. (

3) Find an accountability partner that you can complete Boot Camp with (preferably another agent or mentor on your team).

4) Set a calendar reminder right now, daily, for 9 am to 1030 am, starting on Monday, March 15th. (OK to start earlier!!) Give this event the title: “Focused Lead Generation”. The time can be adjusted later as we work through Boot Camp, but getting in the habit of committing to this activity takes time…so start now. Add anyone else you work closely with to this event in your calendar so that they see this is NON-NEGOTIABLE time on your schedule that is only earmarked for Lead Generation.

5) Be prepared to WRITE A CHECK at the start of Boot Camp. This is not a fee paid to me as the Coach, but rather an accountability check that will only be cashed if you fail to complete Boot Camp. We’ll talk more about this at Boot Camp kickoff.

I’ll see you at the Lead Generation Boot Camp kickoff, and I’m excited to be your guide on the journey to double your pay in 60 days. And if you already know that this is for you and you’re ready to commit, then email me directly ( and let me know YOU’RE IN FOR LEAD GENERATION BOOT CAMP!


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