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Computer Specs Guide

CPU (Processor): Intel i5 or Better. i5, i7, or i9. I am less versed in the current lineup of AMD Processors and currently do not have a specific recommend for them. I will be researching this soon.

Age: No more than 2 years old. A lot of “New” Machines are 2–3-year-old technology. The dead giveaway is what “Generation” of CPU the computer you are looking at has.

Memory (RAM):8GB or More. The more Memory/RAM you have, the more you can have open at one time.

Storage Drive: You can choose whatever size of storage drive you need, but you specifically want to get an SSD (Solid State Drive). These drives are approximately 15x to 20x faster than HDDs (Hard Disk Drives).

Final Note: RESEARCH BEFORE YOU BUY! Read and Watch Reviews.

Malware Protection Guide

Malware can come in many different forms. Typically, it reveals itself through your internet browser. Malware can exist as websites, browser extensions, default homepages, or installed applications.

The program that we recommend to deal with this is called “Malwarebytes”. They have a free version that just does manual Malware scans, or you can pay for the full version that does automatic scans and Ransomware protection.

The paid version is very inexpensive.

Malwarebytes Cybersecurity for Home and Business

Virus Protection Guide

We suggest doing the following things on your computer to stay out of harms way. These suggestions apply to both MacOS and Windows.

Keep your internet browser up-to-date.

 Keep your computers operating system up-to-date

Don’t install programs if you don’t know what they are and where they came from.

Be Cautious about emailed links that ask you to sign into an online service (Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox, etc…).

Do not give anyone access to your computer unless you know exactly who they are.

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