Resources, Day 2



The RESOURCES tab is chock full of a ton of useful information and documents. It’s home to the calendar and Silvercreek TV tabs as well. More information about what you’ll find is below (there’s also a video linked about key points and items in the Resources tab below):

    • Up-to-date Earnest Money procedures (changed yearly in July following the forms updates) and the EM receipt.
    • Marketing Documents – including Buyer’s Guide, Seller’s Guide, Relocation guide, and a Buyer’s packet sample
    • Listing Docs – including a Silvercreek Bio and updated Silvercreek brokerage statistics, a listing presentation template, and a listing checklist
    • Scripts, scripts, and more scripts!
    • Letterhead, introduction letter, Silvercreek logos
  2. CALENDAR: RSVP for upcoming classes & events!
  3. HOW-TO:
    • For all things Silvercreek! This was sent to you when you first joined and it lets you know how to access all our systems, and what we offer. It helps you get plugged into the Silvercreek flow!
  4. SILVERCREEK TV: All free classes we host in our Meridian classroom are livestreamed, so you can watch from anywhere!
  5. VIDEOS: Categories include:
    • Marketing
    • All Silvercreek Videos
    • New Agent Training
    • Tech Hour
    • Agent Orientation
    • Document Portal Training
  6. OFFICE LOCATIONS: Addresses for our company offices and our agent-run offices:
    • Company offices: Meridian, Boise, Eagle, Nampa, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, Pocatello
    • Agent-run offices: McCall, Weiser, Fruitland, Hagerman
    • NAID Info for HUD Offers
    • IREC, IAR, BRR, CBOR, NAOR contact numbers
    • IMLS, Instanet, Ada & Canyon County Assessors, TV School Districts links
    • Snake River MLS links and contact info
    • MCAR contact info
    • Sun Valley MLS/Board of Realtors contact info
    • Silvercreek website links


We offer floor time as a lead generation opportunity at our Meridian office. Sign up for a two hour block of time online via the Toolbox – Under the Tools tab go to Room Scheduling / Floor Time to reserve your time. You can complete up to two blocks of time per week and sign up is available up to 30 days in advance. Find more details about how floor time works in the How-To page under the Resources tab.


Action Item:

  1. Explore, explore, explore! Start perusing the Toolbox, specifically looking at what you can find under the RESOURCES tab, watch a past class, look at the Buyer’s and Seller’s guides, take a peek at the scripts, etc.