Social Media, Day 4


Thursday’s Objective: Social Media Tips

  • Use the 80/20 rule when posting on social media.
    • 80% of what you post should be items of value – lifestyle, customer interests, upcoming local events, etc.
    • 20% can be business plugs – all your listings, value proposition, etc.
  • Interact with your sphere on their pages and posts – wish a happy birthday, like and comment on posts. Engage on their level – commenting on their posts allows you to connect with them about things important to them.
  • Use images and videos! This has proven to have significantly higher reach and engagement rates.
  • Read the resources linked below. They have the keys to successful posting.
  • KEEP UP YOUR 5-5-5-5. Social media needs to be used for both public posting and reaching out to your sphere on an individual basis.

Did you know… Food, home, and lifestyle topics account for 85% of most shared content. Post what your followers want to receive. Recipes, DIY ideas, organizational tips, easy home improvement tasks… Focus on building relationships, not selling your services.


Action Items:

  1. ​Browse the resources below for social media tips.
  2. Develop a social media schedule/cheat sheet to plan your weekly posts. Here’s an example…
    • Monday: Something fun/funny to start the week off with a laugh
    • Tuesday: Market update/home selling or buying tips/community update
    • Wednesday: Business plug/open house/listing/etc.
    • Thursday: Upcoming/weekend events in your community
    • Friday: DIY home/food/lifestyle
  3. Check out the BRR Content Corner!