Working with Sellers, Day 3


Wednesday’s Objective: Completing and Customizing Your Listing Presentation.
It’s now time to customize your listing presentation!
  • You have free access to Silvercreek’s customizable listing presentation, login to the Silvercreek Toolbox and click on Documents. Scroll to the ‘Prospecting & Marketing’ section and check out the listing presentation. It’s important to add or delete info and make it your own. As Tom Ferry discussed in the Video “5 Ways to Improve Your Listing Presentation”, sellers really only care about the 5 questions.  How will you answer those 5 questions in your presentation?
  • You will need to separately prepare a CMA as a supplement document to your listing presentation.

Action Items:

  1. Customize your listing presentation. This will be one of your most important tasks. The more comfortable you are with the presentation and the content the smoother your face to face presentation will go!
  2. As you determine your unique selling proposition consider these marketing ideas to incorporate into you proposal. Make sure you do what you say. If you’re not prepared to execute on one of the strategies don’t include it in your proposal: