Weekly Objective: Become a Listing Expert!

Winning the listing is all about developing Trust and Rapport between you and the Seller!

Watch: Best Methods to Build Rapport

Monday: How to Conduct an Initial Phone Call from a Prospective Seller

Tuesday: Putting Together your Listing Presentation

Wednesday: Practice your Listing Presentation

Thursday: How to Prep a Home for the Market

Friday: Nuts and Bolts of Putting the Home on the Market


Monday’s Objective: How to conduct an initial phone call from a prospective seller.

As you diligently continue to prospect you will begin with see your phone ring from prospective Sellers. Today we are going to focus on the initial phone call from a prospective Seller. Use the following questions to conduct this initial conversation.

Prior to the phone interview do as much research on the customer as possible. Check their social media sites and get a sense of who they are. We are looking for relatedness, the goal is to build rapport.

Questions to pre-qualify your Seller:

  1. Who will be involved in the sales process?
  2. What do you want to accomplish by selling your home?
  3. When do you want to start the process?
  4. Where are you moving to?
  5. Why do you want to move there?
  6. How much do you want to sell your home for?
  7. What’s the time frame you want to get it done in?
  8. What’s your plan B if this doesn’t work out?
  9. Do you have any questions before I arrive? (No) Great!
  10. So, you know … our meeting should only take between five to twenty-five minutes … is that OK? I’ll look forward to seeing you on ____________ at _________.

Action Items:

  1. Watch 5 Ways to Improve your Listing Presentation (First 7 min only):
  2. Do a mock phone call with a fellow agent or friend.