5-5-5-5, Day 3


Wednesday’s Objective:  Create your Opening Line or Elevator Speech

I strongly recommend that you create a strong opening you can use on the telephone. There’s nothing more powerful, effective or efficient to start a conversation that communicates who you are, and how the lead or client would benefit with working with you.  Take the time to craft your brief opening so that it is designed to get them thinking about their situation.

Don’t waste your energy extolling the virtues of how wonderful you are.  At this point in time, the prospect isn’t looking to hear this.  Always come from a mindset of contribution.

As time goes by, you may run into leaving quite a few voice mails, but it is still effective if you have the right opening.


Action Items:

  1. Create your elevator speech/opening line. Write it down. Practice saying it.
  2. Send 5 texts today.
    • Suggested Topics:
      • Upcoming open house you are hosting
      • Thank you for…
      • Meet for lunch or coffee
      • News around town that would be of particular interest to this person
      • What are your weekend plans?