5-5-5-5, Day 2


Tuesday’s Objective:  Identify the Prospect

As you make connections, it’s important to remember to nurture those relationships so they can thrive. Remember all those “no, thanks” that really mean “not yet”? Those prospects will require the service of a real estate professional some day and you want to be the one they go to.

Like any relationship, your prospects, clients, and Sphere of Influence require attention.  These days it is easier than ever to stay in touch thanks to the internet.  There are hundreds of techniques to identify leads and prospects and obtain their contact information.  Use Google, LinkedIn, Spokeo.com, or Facebook – do name searches, you will most likely then have the ability to connect to any prospect.

Keep in touch with new leads and stay top of mind.


Action Items:

  1. Write 5 emails today
    • Suggested Topics:
      • Events from the weekend
      • Book or news article you recently read that they would enjoy
      • Market statistics
      • New find in town – store, start-up business, restaurant, etc.