CRM, Day 5

DAY 5:

Friday’s Objective: Email your letter to your database and continue to familiarize yourself with BoomTown!.

Your database is your business lifeline. BoomTown! and CRMs are tools for you to manage your database and effectively market to it – never stop feeding your database because you don’t want to starve your business.

Today’s action item is easy, but impactful. Your first mass email! After you’ve sent it, you can spend time learning BoomTown! and take advantage of the possibilities it offers.

Here are some areas of focus (aka, your ongoing homework):

  • Add new contacts and prospects as soon as you meet/receive them (daily).
  • Explore BoomTown! so you are comfortable with the platform.
  • Watch tutorial videos and learn about the features you want to take advantage of.
  • Set up a schedule with reminders for when to contact each of your A, B, C groups.
  • Set up BoomTown! to automatically send people a birthday text or email!

Action Items:

  1. Email your introduction letter to your entire database.
  2. Get started on your ongoing homework (listed above).